Are You Missing Some of Your Juicy Breakthroughs?

Episode 51

Published on:

31st Jul 2018

Are You Missing Some of Your Juicy Breakthroughs?

Breakthroughs are one of the joys I find in working with my coaching clients. They will tell me things that they've been working on, or new skills they have been trying out at work and how it worked really well for them.

When they tell me their good results, they kind of gloss over them and race past the breakthroughs that make me want to jump up and down and cheer. Often my clients miss the smaller moments of how their lives are changing and how they're improving. And I delight in slowing them down and pointing out the victories.

This episode is to invite you to have that kind of joyful jolt of electricity that i got when I took the time to evaluate the changes I was experiencing. When I slowed down and paid attention to myself with a different perspective I saw new things.

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