How to Live a Life Aligned With Who You Really Are with Tai Goodwin

Episode 56

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11th Mar 2019

How to Live a Life Aligned With Who You Really Are with Tai Goodwin

In the last episode of the podcast, I talked about how to increase your self awareness. In this episode, Tai Goodwin visits with me to continue that discussion, but from a slightly different perspective. Tai teaches us how to live a life aligned with who we really are.

Tai's business focuses on entrepreneurs who are building businesses, but the importance and benefit of being self aware is relevant for all of us.

Being willing to take the steps to move into what you want has been a theme on the podcast, and today we talked a lot about self awareness and being willing to pivot or make change.

I asked Tai if she only had 5 minutes, what she would want my audience to know and she answered: I am all about helping women make their business bankable. I want them to be seen and heard, without feeling like they have to become somebody else to do it. And I want them to make as much money as they want.

Tai says you're bankable if you love the work you're doing, you love the clients you're getting, you're completely joyous about the money you get paid

Topics discussed:

* The authority renaissance going on in business building

* How the 'wizard' behind the screen is messing with a lot of people

* The dangers of being transparent

* Tai's pet peeve about email lists

* Why we tend to focus on tasks instead of principles

* How to tell if you're BankableWhether you can get burnt out doing something you love

Who is Tai Goodwin?

Tai Goodwin is on a mission to help 10,000 entrepreneurs create more joy and wealth in their lives and businesses. She's the CEO of Aligned + Bankable and creator of the Growth Alignment Index(TM). An intuitive business growth strategist and teacher, she works with empathic, introverted, and highly-sensitive entrepreneurs, showing them how to build a profitable business that's in 100% alignment with who they are.

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