How to Tell If You Really Like Yourself

Episode 63

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11th Jun 2019

How to Tell If You Really Like Yourself

How can you tell if you really like yourself? It's probably something you don't think about because you just assume that you do. But, according to an American sociologist, at any given moment, 80% of the world doesn't like themselves. I'm a little scared of the answer, but I need somebody to do research on what the number would be for women. Do you think it's higher or lower?

This morning I found myself thinking, 'I really like myself'. That's not the first time I've had that thought, or even my most enthusiastic episode of self approval. It struck me today because I realized that I've spent a couple of days NOT liking myself.

Spending time not liking myself sneaks up on me, just like I know it sneaks up on you.

I read an article that outlined 15 ways that people show they don't like themselves but I disagreed with some of their ideas, so here is my list.


Things that used to delight you, don’t make you as happy. And you start to talk smack to yourself for ever having enjoyed them.

Your self care starts to slip, specifically what you eat and how much you sleep.

You respond to things differently, often in a negative way. Being reactive and defensive are not a good look.

You try to ignore your self talk but in truth you are only ignoring the POSITIVE self talk because it doesn’t match the negative conversation that’s going on in your head.

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