So, You Suck at LinkedIn, There’s no Need to be Embarrassed

Episode 59

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30th Apr 2019

So, You Suck at LinkedIn, There’s no Need to be Embarrassed

I thought LinkedIn was a place to post your resume if you were actively looking for a job. And that's all I did, check in every 4 years or so and make a half-hearted attempt at keeping my resume updated. Usually I would hop on there when I started getting a bunch of email notifications that people were congratulating me on a work anniversary for a company I'd left several years before.

I’m comfortable not knowing everything and I love finding people who I can tap into for specific expertise. And today's guest is a LinkedIn rockstar. Donna Serdula started on LinkedIn back in 2005, so she is the perfect person to bring all the LinkedIn knowledge.

In this episode we discussed:

  • The one thing you SHOULD NOT do on LinkedIn.
  • Why people love LinkedIn
  • If LinkedIn isn't about job search what IS it about?
  • The top 3 specific reasons that professional women need to be on LinkedIn
  • How LinkedIn has changed over time
  • What you should do if your struggle to get started with LinkedIn
  • The new way people are using LinkedIN more and more
  • How to request recommendations on the platform
  • Things you can do on LinkedIn weekly that will have impact without making your lose your mind

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