The Startling Power of ‘What If’

Episode 58

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16th Apr 2019

The Startling Power of ‘What If’

What if the things you have always believed aren't true? What if it's within your power to do and believe new things? This is your introduction to the startling power of 'what if'.

I know how strongly we hold our beliefs. I’m not necessarily talking about limiting beliefs, I’m speaking in more broad terms. We are a nation that questions a lot of things but what we believe, we REALLY believe. And to our credit, it's hard for us to shake off things that we believe in strongly.

There are certain things that I believe that you can’t shake me from. Period. Ever. For example, I believe that all people are created equal, and I believe that education is magical.

However, what if your strong beliefs aren’t positive? I’ve been hearing from a lot of my coaching clients about their beliefs and many of these beliefs are unshakeable. The challenge comes when the belief is something that makes them feel bad. Or something that holds them back when they are ready to move forward.

A few of the more negative beliefs sound like this:

* I could never do that

* I just can't get over this

* I should just be content with my life is and stop dreaming of bigger and better things

Do any if these beliefs sound familiar? Just for today, let's dream. What if you were able to believe something different? How different would you be as a result of the new belief? Would you like yourself better? Would you be able to help more people and increase your impact and influence on the world around you?

I don’t know what belief is currently weighing you down, but in this 'what if ' game, let's look at 2 new beliefs you can try on for size.

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