When You’re Ready to Stop Making Excuses and Rescue Your Dreams From the Shelf

Episode 54

Published on:

19th Dec 2018

When You’re Ready to Stop Making Excuses and Rescue Your Dreams From the Shelf

Are you ready to stop making excuses? Many of us had big dreams early in life. I think young women are the best dreamers in the world! When we're young it's a time of limitless dreams and possibilities. Want to be a firefighter and a ballerina? Done. Want to be a mermaid who flies through the water? No problem.

Whether our dreams were big or small, as life started to happen, we put some of our dreams on a shelf. Your dreams are still living somewhere in your mind but you don't think about them and you definitely aren't doing anything to make them a reality. You haven't given up on them entirely, but you put them away to protect your heart.

In this episode we look at our excuses and how to overcome them to make our dreams come true.

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